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Grand View Adds eSports and Game Design

Grand View University is pleased to announce the addition of Game Design and Interactive Analytics as a new major beginning in the fall of 2017. Grand View will be the first and only university in Iowa to offer a campus-based bachelor’s program in game design. A major in Game Design and Interactive Analytics combines cognitive and research skills, careful logistical thinking and aesthetic and stylistic abilities to prepare students for the rigors of working in the game design industry. It strongly prioritizes clear communication with effective research, writing, and design skills. Graduates will be qualified for jobs as storytellers, designers, producers, programmers and more, and are able to multitask in modeling, storyboard, animation, video post-production and 3-D illustration. In addition, the University will add eSports, an online sport, consisting of organized video game competitions. Specifically, Grand View students will compete in League of Legends, one of the largest and most popular eSport games. Although eSports have long been a part of the culture of gaming, competitions have seen a large surge in popularity in recent years. Grand View University recognizes the value and legitimacy of eSports and is excited to add to its already rich athletic program. Work has begun on building an arena and planning an eSports camp this summer for high school students.

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eSports is an official National Association of Collegiate eSports (NACE) sport and Grand View plays in the Heart of America Conference of the NAIA. The GV eSports program, which will be a full varsity team with scholarships, will be directed by Jay Prescott, Vice President for Student Life. Grand View is in the process of hiring a head coach and recruiting students for the first year of competition, beginning in fall 2017. Interested candidates for the head coach position can learn more here. Prospective students can apply here. The University is also seeking corporate sponsors to support the eSports program at Grand View and elevate the awareness of eSports in Des Moines, Iowa and around the country.

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